Jgazy 1 - Rank 1 Fistweaver MLM by jgazy
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Maelstrom ( Shadowburn )
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jgazy's Arena Team 1
Floormat Lockthelock Gzy
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Thanks for checking out my first pvp video! In World of Warcraft I�m known as Jgazy, Gzy, or Gaz and currently I play Frost Mage/Demonology Warlock/Mistweaver with my friends Lockthelock and Floormat. I�ve always wanted to make a �insert name x� pvp video like my arena forefathers before me and finally feel that I have a unique enough pov/role on a unique enough comp in order to make an interesting video out of it. We usually refer to our comp as Fistweaver MLM because I que Way of the Crane spec 100% of our games in order to create a sustainable/repeatable triple dps 3v1 scenario during setups and it�s honestly way more fun than just casting soothing mist around pillars the entire game waiting to go oom.

These games are all from 7.2 except for the 2 GCDTV tournament games in the intro.


I�m A Dragon by Apashe
Indian Summer by Otto Wallgren
Pluto x ye. - Feel The Fire (Breath Vocal Mix)
Getaway by Tritonal ft. Angel Taylor
Bad Intentions (Matt DiMona Remix) by Niykee Heaton
Somewhere to Run (Lost Kings Remix) by Krewella
It�ll Be Okay by SMLE ft Helen Tess
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