Executus 3 (7.0.3 Wind Walker PvP Movie) by Executus7
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did making it!! I had filmed a lot of clips right at the start of legion, and was planning on making this PvP movie sooner. Then the nerfs came to Windwalker and i switched to Mist Weaver. Season one I got to 2467 in 3v3 and 2100+ in RBGS. I forgot about all the world PvP footage I had recorded. I recently have been very bored with wow and life in general, so I decided to finish this movie finally! If you read this entire paragraph, thank you very much and hope you liked what you saw!!



Celldweller - Hyperion
Red Online - You Are Not My Ideal
Celldweller - Live Upon A Blackstar (So Long Sentiment Vs. Eon)
Celldweller - The Wings of Icarus (Ft. James Dooley)
007 Spectre Soundtrack - Los Muertos Vivos Estan
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