Xavalis 3 by Xavalis
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
My journey as a solo arcane mage in Legion

warning! contains:

some oldschool music
troll male
arcane spec
plenty of mistakes
Broken Isles solo world pvp

I also never got any legendary item until I finished recording a while back, since then I got the arc legs that gives me 3% mana back..

I decided to leave behind my elemental shaman when blizzard decided to remove my grounding totem =/ it is possible I will go back to ele in the future

Playlist: 16:55

About the music choice:

I am aware that some of the songs used are old and overused, tho they are old favorites of mine and it makes me think back to the good oldschool days of wow pvp, I hope you dont mind.

Some of you probably noticed that in some of the clips I dont use temporal shield. At some point the talent was bugged and shared cooldown with ice barrier. The fix was never mentioned in the notes so it took me a whole week of wpvp before I noticed..

Anyways, I hope it was worth watching, take care for now!
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