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Britta V Exhumed is my second big machinima project and the third piece of the BrittaPerry's background story. Yes, it is a SEQUEL but you can enjoy it even if you missed Britta III.
I just highly recommand to watch Britta III before because it's really better for the roleplay purpose. :)

Previously. . .

Britta III Legends
in Britta III Legends : A girl gets possessed by a demonic soul while explorating a temple... she met Midz who proposed an exorcism but that never happened.
Midz betrayed Britta and offered her body to the demon. The priest figured he wasn't able to control the demon and vanished away, leaving the ritual unfinished.. The demon hunted him and killed him.

Britta IV Haunted
in Britta IV Haunted : The story is a parenthesis between the moment of the posession and the exorcism.
I chose to develop how Britta turned into a different person, how she got affected by this possession. While showcasing 2v2 clips as Muti/Step (dual rogue). I explained how she lost the most important person of her life.

Britta V Exhumed - Summary

Three years after the events of Britta III, a secret council of wizards, known as the Order Of Nine sends his best sorcerer to flush the demon out and banish him : Aloysius Wedding.
The story narrates Aloysius Wedding's fantastic journey and showcases the most epic battle of two archenemies.



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3. PYREWOOD | Alan Silvestri - Forbidden Fruit
4. SWAMPS | Uncharted OST - Unwelcome Visitors
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