Flaw - Tracerogue by Flaw
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This is probably going to cause some problems with some of the purists, I apologize in advance. Yes I know this is Warcraft movies, Yes I know this is an Overwatch vid. There hasn't been a whole lot of traffic lately and I didn't see any harm in it. I imagine a large portion of you are currently playing Overwatch and will hopefully enjoy the movie. I also wanted to hopefully push the WCM staff to potentially make a category here for Overwatch movies to generate more traffic here and re-energize this community, or make a separate site all together.

About the movie: It's me playing Tracer to the best of my ability. It's edited similar to a Flaw movie; Trick plays in the beginning, followed by short "Play of the Game" style clips, followed by some longer fights with kill chains. Hope you like it.

Song List:
Clams Casino - Blast
Flume- Some Minds

About me: Currently playing Overwatch exclusively. Perhaps I'll come back to WoW when the expansion drops but as it stands I'm completely out of the loop and haven't played since Flaw 7.

Anywho, hope you like it and glad to make something for you all again. Enjoy!

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