Robotron's Tribute to Nostalrius Begins by Robotron
Class: Rogue | Category: Other | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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This is neither a PVE or PVP video, nor is it Machinima. It is but a humble tribute, a collage of screenshot and video footage of what was a great place to play.

This was a hard video to make, not only because of the emotions attached to it, but the sheer amount of footage I had to work with. I could've made this a thousand different ways, and hopefully this is the best.

In early March of 2015, I started playing on Nostalrius Begins. It was my opportunity to raid the content I never had the chance to experience on retail, as I didn't break into the raiding scene until The Burning Crusade.

On April 6, 2016, the developers of Nostalrius informed the community the server was to permanently cease operation on April 10th because Blizzard Entertainment and French lawyers saw fit to sue them and the server's provider.

On that day, 150,000 active players were robbed of a beautiful thing, a thing many of us would gladly pay for if Blizzard offered it. With nothing left of Nostalrius but memories, screenshots, and Fraps footage, I have attempted to make my humble tribute to the great server.

Thanks to Daemon, Viper, Joan, Chakor, Etiakor, Cursive, Tyrael, Abuthar, Akasso, Benevael, Cabotage, Eragon, Ithlien, Nalorious, Nathrizyr, Pottu, Quietist, Roffeal, Same, Seshinriyu, Vaelanor, Voltog, Nano, Fenrir, Link, Stryg, Shahkar, Clank, and Syrah for their tireless efforts to make the best private World of Warcraft server in history.

Special thanks to my guild, Convulsion, for being the place I called home for the entirety of my tenure on the server.
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