Britta IV Haunted (PVP/Storyline) by Sbkzor
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Double Rogue TBC PVP

Saeyonx's Spec: 20.00.41 HemoStep
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Yuriyo's Spec: 41.00.20 Mutilate
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Britta IV Haunted is my third PvP WarcraftMovie project as a rogue.
It is highly related to Britta III The Haloween Tale which is a full machinima narrating the background of my rogue. So I really recommand to you to watch it before or after to get the connection between the two videos.

Contrary to Britta III this video is 90% PVP. There will be a few scenes explaining Britta's life that I wanted to produce like the old muted movies from the past. So there are no voices in this one.

For those who haven't watched Britta III yet, you have to know that the story is about a human girl being possessed by a demonic soul while explorating a temple... This changed the rest of her life..

Britta IV Haunted - Summary

This story takes place right after the moment she got invaded by the demons in this temple. She hasn't yet figured what happens to her, but she already feels some growing presence that affects her psyche.
As long as this video goes, the demons takes more and more place. 80% of the footage are recorded as Double human rogue. but there is also a few scene as undead that that needs to be interpreted as "the demons being the one who drives instead of Britta".



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Length : 00:13:45 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 60

Other Links

Britta III Legends
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PVP TrackList

NITEPPL - Schatner
Trent Reznor Atticus Ross - Immigrant Song (Sir Ridley Remix)
Bullet For My Valentine - No Way Out

Intro/Outro/RP Tracklist

Amnesia The Dark Descent OST
Orphan OST - Not Your Average 9-Year-Old
TheLastOfUs OST - Breathless
Orphan OST - Not Your Average 9-Year-Old (again, ye)

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