Alliance vs Horde by Kakio
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Movie Summary
It's a conflict dating back to the early cavemen, but today, I try to figure out which of the factions is the best... Kinda.
Watch the whole thing for the THRILLING conclusion!

Zug zugs to RAGTAGG for being a FUCKING LEGEND:

Thanks for watching!


Alliance vs Horde by Kakio

Things, sounds and more things used to make the video:
- Several sound effects from
- Music bought from Bluezone Corporation
- Adobe Premiere Elements 11
- World of Warcraft by Blizzard
- "Whimsy Groove" by Kevin MacLeod
- "Tango de Manzana" by Kevin Macleod
- "Blop" by Mark DiAngelo
- Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Ripped Horde/Ally banner credit:
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