Britta III Legend (Storyline) by Sbkzor
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StoryLined Horror Machinima with VoiceActing & PvP Scenes



Britta III The Halloween Tale is a machinima with a very little PvP importance. To be honest, it is more a prequel machinima for Halloween than a true PvP Video. I titled it Britta III because it is my third rogue video. This is also my first machinima attempt so Im very nervous to read your feedbacks.
I wanted to give more variety to my audience, here and on youtube, and I made my best to bring you, WCM viewers, a real video, worth watching. I really hope to read feedbacks on here and on my chanel.

00:00 - 05:50: machinima
05:50 - 09:00 : duels (Step'Rogue vs Shadowpriest)
09:00 - 11:08 : machinima

The story is narrated to a group of childrens by a camp monitor during the Hallow's eve. This tale is about a human girl being possessed by a demoniac soul while explorating a temple... This changed the rest of her life..




Length : 00:11:08 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 30 (WCM) & 60(YT)

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(languages: French, English(US), Serbian, German Russian)

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WoWMania TBC 2.4.3
DawnforgedCast Chanel




Midz | Leseulunik | Bombastar

YouTube Subtitles Team

All of them are native speakers of these languages. Im still looking for Arabic, polish, and spanish.

DawnforgedCast (US) | Konobarica/Extinct (SER) | Uzbekimistke (RUS)
Me & TheMascot (FR) | Saje (DE)


Jam/Morphs (WoWMania Introduction)
Pix (WCM Background - see profile)
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