The Fall - Wow Machinima by Chriskon
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► Wow Machinima about Zate & Deloran◄

Notable characters: (Original characters used in my videos)
► Zate - Blood Elf Priest
► Deloran - Night Elf Druid
► Aera - Night Elf Druid

Note -
All my videos are original stories. Some may follow parts of lore and/or the wow timeline, however the videos don't stay 100% true to lore. Some stories are also cut down to fit the songs length and may therefore be a bit confusing at times. Read below for a full description of the story.


� Story description �

Zate had gotten his hands on a teleportation gem allowing him and his colleague Kaliya, to barely escape the purge of Dalaran. Little did he know that she would try to double cross him. When trying to steal the gem for herself, she was brutally interrupted and killed on the spot.

Due to a tragic past Deloran had a strong hatred for traitors of their own kind, hence why the female elf was not given a chance. Zate was then locked up in a lone cell for days, Deloran however did not take kindly to Zate refusing to eat, and so he forcefully fed the prisoner, but was then reminded of a memory he had tried to suppress.

After managing to escape the prison, Zate slowly realized that everything he knew had been turned upside down.
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