Dopaminbrist IX by Dopaminbrist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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Hey! So I've finished with my 9th movie and I did release it alot earlier than planned but that's good I guess :) Please read description if you have a vision of what this video shouldve presented.

"There is no unique and or individual aesthetic object which can be extrapolated from the art world, but that there is a continuum of cultural forms and experience of which ordinary speech and experiences may signal as art. By "art" we may frame several artistic "works" or "creations" as so though this reference remains within the institution or special event which creates it and this leaves some works or other possible "art" outside of the frame work, or other interpretations such as other phenomenon which may not be considered as "art"."

This being said: rate fair and understand what you are criticizing please.

The laughing deer in the end of the movie is taken and meant as a tribute from and to the movies of Evil Dead.

Thanks for all support.

This movie contains 2v2 arena on around 1800-2000 mmr with opponents with experience stretching from 1900 to 2600.

When it comes to what we play: some parts are clips of games with elemental shaman Spindelf*tta from the maelstrom and the remaining are games with shadow priest Kuastro on realm auchindoun, in the intro Vincus the vinni of and also to thank for all the artwork, the outro contains one match together with my eternal love of ravencrest Fnxx! All the games together with elemental shaman is without the use of voice com.

I hope you enjoy the watch! Be sure to leave me a comment of what you think! :)

Music used
Cliff Lin - Fight night
Hadouken - Levitate
Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you
Netsky - Mellow

Download 1080p (unfortunately a bit downscaled cuz size matters)

If you DO want the original file for best quality I could send it to you personally on skype, you can pm me on wcm and I will try to get back to you if you give me your info there. If this request exceeds the expectations I have of people asking, I might consider getting a larger dropbox, we will see :)
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