The Frostwolf by Nixxiom
Class: Shaman | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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"Do you know how to cut...? Do you know how to read...? Do you know how to stain...? Do you know how to test...? Do you know how to invoke...? Do you know how to sacrifice...? Do you know how to dispatch...? Do you know how to slaughter...? Do you know yet, or what?"

During my time in the Warlords beta I've come across a lot of beautiful places, but none more beautiful than the Frostwolf Shaman Stone. When I first saw it, with it's little troop of Frostwolves around it, I knew I had to make some sort of video showing this place off. For me I imagined a boy undergoing a manhood ceremony, led by the village shaman. This was my thought process going into this video. I hope you all enjoy!


A World of Warcraft machinima by, Nixxiom

With extra voices provided by Mooclucking:

And Varath:

Thank you both for your help in this project!


For those interested, you can follow me by going to these links:
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