Westfall Pumpkins by Nixxiom
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This was my submission to Blizzcon's 2014 movie contest. Although I felt rather strongly about it, it seems I did no place as I never received an email. But that's alright! This video was still a lot of fun to make and I find the story to be warm and cheerful; at least, to me personally.

Westfall Pumpkins is the tale of two farmers who're competing to grow the biggest pumpkin for Westfall's pumpkin growing contest! Who will win? What is to gain and what must be lost? I don't like peanut M&M's.


All music is property of Blizzard Entertainment, as well as visuals. I have no claim on either, nor am I making a claim that I do.

WoW Machinima made by, Nixxiom
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