"AVATAR". World of warcraft version. Trailer. [HD] by Gilles de Rays
Class: Warlock | Category: Other | Server : EU - Deathguard ( Flurry )
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Jake Sully - is a former Marine confined to a wheelchair. But despite his broken body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He is recruited to travel light years to the human outpost on Pandora, where a corporate consortium is mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earth's energy crisis.

Because Pandora's atmosphere is toxic, they have created the Avatar Program, in which human "drivers" have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a remotely-controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. These avatars are genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandora... the Na'vi.

Reborn in his avatar form, Jake can walk again. He is given a mission to infiltrate the Na'vi, who have become a major obstacle to mining the precious ore. But a beautiful Na'vi female, Neytiri, saves Jake's life, and this changes everything. Jake is taken in by her clan, and learns to become one of them, which involves many tests and adventures.

As Jake's relationship with his reluctant teacher Neytiri deepens, he learns to respect the Na'vi way and finally takes his place among them. Soon he will face the ultimate test as he leads them in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.

Author: Russian guild �Алконит Хорд�
Time: 05:06 (titers 01:30)
Quality: Full HD (1080)
Total number of participants: 78 players
The duration of filming: Almost 2 months (starting November 14 - the end of February 21)

Guild Website: http://www.alconite-horde.ru
Vkontakte: http://vk.com/alconite.horde
Channel YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlconiteHorde
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