The Warlock - Ep 0 by Nixxiom
Class: Warlock | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Not all heroes come in strong packages. Sometimes you find glory in the most unlikely of places. Honestly, these comments have nothing to do with this video. The Warlock is a new series from me and Moocluck, beginning with this episode 0 that establishes a new character to the fold, the Warlock. Overtime more familiar faces will come to join the fray and the madness to ensure. Characters like Moocluck, Nixxiom, Ashevn, and many more will play apart of the series! At long last your questions as to "Who is the undead in the mask?" will finally be answered.

The Warlock will be half recorded in-game and half model viewer footage. In this manner of filming I will be able to make content more quickly and release videos more often for you all. I hope you enjoy!


Featuring the voice talents of:
-Nixxiom (that's me!)


I hope you all enjoy the machinima. I may need help with in-game recording so if you would be interested in joining the project toss me a message here on Youtube expressing your interest. It will require some software download and a lot of time on your part, but full credit will be given! Thanks guys!

~Made by, Nixxiom
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