Astee 2 DK 2on2 Movie w/ Izoyo by Astee
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Astee's Arena Team 1
Izoyo Astee
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After getting so much positive feedback from my first movie I decided to make another one.

I had 2 month break after uploading my first movie and was abit undergeared in S14 but still managed to play around 2k-2.2k rating for fun.

Yes there is only 2on2 matches in this movie, I haven't really played any 3s in this season but next one I will...

I hope you enjoy and any feedback is great:)

Celldweller - Solid State Playmate
Tycho - Awake
Tupac & James Brown - Unchained (Refracture Revamp)
Uppermost - Flashback

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