Sbkzor VI Mutilate by Sbkzor
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Here is a new movie that I'm proud to share with you!
Mutilate spec was fun to watch and play with, and there aren't many movies that make use of this spec, right?
Midz (My mate in the video) is PvEing as Rogue, and he made a proposition to make a video with his exceptionally geared rogue (T6 roar).
It was a bit more complicated to take interesting footage than usual, and I'm aware that the skill-level of the games in this movie is lower than my regular sp/shs videos from A.T or NextGen, and I apologize, BUT I wasn't only focused on that point, and I did my best, to keep clips which were not random one shot on the first KS, or things which are not representative of the reality.
We choose to play it on a blizzlike server instead of NG because the spec is more efficient if you play it with a lot of PvE Gear. To be honest, we tried with the starter gear from NG and Midz was suffering a very important lack of damage.

About the gameplay, this combo is quite different than what you have to do with a subtely rogue.. and I was a bit fed up of regular ShS/Sp games even if it is obviously more comfortable. =) Sometimes, being mutilate is harder for many reasons.. openers, positionning and movement (no shs/no prep), survivability (no cheatdeath but more healing), tactics, etc, and I wanted to show that.


I hope this video will bring back fond memories of the Burning Crusade, and entertain you, because my point in this video was to show something different. I put in an effort in order to make a good video, involving an oldschool atmosphere and tracklist, with various matchups and some soft editing.


YouTube Link (1080/30fps)

Length : 00:14:59 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 30


OST: The Last Of Us - Blackout
Avenged SevenFold - Requiem
Intandem - Slavestate
Papa Roach - Gettin Away With Murder
OST: The Last Of Us - Smugglers


Midz : 51.0.10
Sbk : 20.0.41

If you liked the video, let us know by commenting and rating it.
It really means a lot. If you didn't liked, just let us know what you expected, and thanks for not downrating.

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