The Second Cataclysm! by Nixxiom
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...And you thought the first one was bad? Wait until you behold these horrors! Even despite being in school I decided to whip up this machinima for you all to remind you that I am here and I am still editing. Things are just a bit slower lately due to my classes. Either way, I hope you keep sharing my videos and I hope you enjoy this latest addition to my collection. Arthas!

Featuring the voice talents of Nixxiom and Moocluck!


Check out my fellow WoW-Youtube pals here:



-Danger Dolan


The song at the end of the video is "Tomorrow" by Approaching Nirvana. If you enjoyed the music, feel free to go check them out! All credit goes to them and their awesome musical talent!

The video itself was inspired off of "A Cup of Water" by Robert Benfer. Go check out the original video here in order to see where the madness came from:

WoW Machinima by Nixxiom.
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