WoW in Review - A PvP video about old times by Megaphone
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Here I am again, this time with what I would consider my first PvP video.

There's a lot to say about this. Really, too much to add to one description. With this huge batch of footage I've gathered over the years - I decided to piece something together to show to a few friends. I haven't played WoW in about 2-3 years, but there are enough stories to tell to last a lifetime.

Originally the video was a bit more sad, but I tried to make it entertaining enough for anybody to watch. The music used in the video is a mix of homages and music I would use during the time frame of the footage. For example, my Rogue footage has melodeath, etc.

Thanks for watching, let me know if it was worthy of 25 minutes. Or, 3 minutes, with you skipping around to see certain parts.

* I'll be putting up a direct-download link up for this sometime in the future. The original file is huge and glorious in quality, somebody might want it some day!

0:05 - If Possible by Soilwork
1:51 - 69 by Chris O'Neill
5:04 - Earthbound by Machinae Supremacy
8:40 - The Path of Least Resistance by Scar Symmetry
13:36 - Ecstasy of Gold by Metallica
17:37 - ISM by Savant
23:06 - Sora to Kimi no Message - Suisei no Gargantia ED by Animenzzz

Feel free to hit me up in PMs, on Steam via Megaphone (profile named MkillerH), and Skype via MegaphoneDev.
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