Britta I (PVP) by Sbkzor
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Britta I / TBC rogue PVP, is my first rogue video as rogue. I started to play this class for fun and entertainment during several months. I was recording since the first day to show my evolution with a youtube video per weeks because I did not wanted to stick Spriest which is a quite limited class, imho.
As a huge fan of this class, I immediately focused on the beauty of gesture.
Following my feelings on each situation, with a lil touch of talent, a bit of luck, and some ballz (hell yeah) I took many footage that I'm glad to share today with you. Basicly I'm just trying to do a skilled action in each situation.
There was many failures, and many laughs, but I never claimed anything by being proud of my footage.

The footage are extracted from my YT chanel so it only has 30FPS. This is like a bEST OF my short experience as a rogue.

The clips were recorded between my first day and my last (as an active wowmania player), so approximately 5months, on the server WoW Mania 1.0. I started with blue 68-70 gear and finished with s4 gear by playing arenas with all my friends whatever the class until 2170 (as RM) for fun.

My level is quite average, I can be tricky and fail the next second, or waste cd/combos, but well, .. most people (except my usual haters) respected and liked my playstyle.

I took a lot of pleasure playing rogue and with this video I tried to amaze/amuse you just as much as I've been amazed/amused by the other rogues players.

Thanks for the watch,
Let me know your feedbacks.

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