I have no friends cleave 2 [Multiboxing 2.1k+] - Enhancement Edition by Kruschpak
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Blackrock ( Glutsturm )
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Shamanistic Party Mix
Latimeria Kruschpak Kruschpaw Kruschpav Kruschpax
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Hi everyone!

I've finished my second "I have no friends cleave" movie, showing you the performance of multiboxed enhancement shamans in rated [atm 2,1k+] and nonrated pvp [mostly world pvp because blizzard removed follow from BGs] in Mists of Pandaria.

About me:
I've been multiboxing elemental shamans since season 3 on the server arthas (eu) and made a new shaman team during season 11 on Blackrock, since mists of pandaria I'm playing this team as enhancement as they seem to be more powerful than ever before for multiboxing. Yet elemental is still better in nonrated pvp but I like doing 5v5 and therefore enhancement is way stronger because of the insane "on demand" burst, where elemental is too much rng based where you can't propely set up coordinated burst, also flame shocks would get dispelled before you get a lava surge procc.

In this movie I'll show you that enhancement shamans are definetley multiboxing viable for 5v5 arena at 2k rating, yet I could climb up the ladder every week to 2100+ and I'm certain of breaking 2200 easily with 5.4 mostly because baseline htt, rushing streams and the chainheal buff (don't mind the stormblast nerf I can oneshot with 3 shamans too).

As already said earlier I don't have any mop battlegrounds scenes in the movie because blizzard removed follow from bg's, of course its still possible to multibox with "interact with target" only but world pvp is more fun anyway.

In total I have 11 arena games in this movie and about 15 minutes world pvp, all together its a 37 minute pvp movie and I tried to make it as entertaining as possible (yeah I know 8:35 is amazing)


-Intro (including a short arena game)
-World pvp
-2 arena games
-Multiboxed Close Air Support (ft. Flying Sentry Totem!!)
-World pvp
-2 arena games
-Defending Silvermoon against alliance raid (ft more multiboxers)
-2 arena games
-4 arena games

Music list:

Pacific Rim - Jaeger Tech
Foo Figters - All my life
Black Mesa OST - Surface Tension 1
Blue Stahli - Retribution
Pacific Rim - Main Theme
Pacific Rim - No Pulse
Prodigy - First Warning
Pendulum - The Tempest
Mass Effect 3 - The Illusive Suite (not the original one, got that one recorded on the Illusive Man's Base)
Egypt Central - Over and Under
Blue Stahli - Hell Arrives
Mass Effect 2 - The End Run
Black Mesa OST - Questionable Ethics 2

The arena teams I fought were 2000-2200 rated (except the first team was ~1900) from different battlegroups, as emberstorm 5s is dead I've also played against some Misery/Cyclone teams.

I hope you enjoy it!


Feel free to ask questions as I'll make a Q&A here. (added questions from forums too)

The 8:30 scene radio messages are from the Battlefield 3 Thunder run mission.

"Well... this is why the cooldown design is really quite bad :x The sheer frontload of this was just stupid. "

A: guess thats why stormblast is getting nerfed, although keep in mind its 4 shamans bursting, not like 4 other classes couldn't do a oneshot when poping everything together, although the enhace oneshot might be the strongest due to not having any ramp up time.

Q: How do you control your toons (following enemys)?

A: Multiboxers are using Interact with target and activate Klick-to-move (can be found in the interface menu - mouse) for melee multiboxing. You basically bind attacks/spells together with interact with target on a key (or the multiboxing software does it for you), however to stay in the legal zone you may not have a macro spamming interact with target for you but you may bind it together with attacks so whenever I perform an attack, my toons are pressing interact with target too and eventually run to the enemy, when I spam it my toons circle around that target.

Q: Where can I donate?
A: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=VCSQVYT6BRDKS

Q: Btw what's your "gladius like" addon ? My gladius doesn't look like that (especially the older spells displayed which is just great)

A: It's called GladiusEx and can be found here:
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