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If you are a melee in World of Warcraft, you want to watch this tutorial! I guarantee your up time in pvp and your overall game-play will improve.

What I am going to do is to map multiple attacks to the thumb button on my mouse in a particular order so when the ability is off cool down and you press your thumb button it gets activated in the correct order.

Autohotkey available from

Copy the 2 lines below and paste them into your Autohotkey script as described in the video.

------------------------------------ copy ------------------
IfWinExist World of Warcraft
XButton1::Send, {Numpad5}{Numpad6}{Numpad7}{Numpad4}{Numpad3}
------------------------------------- copy-----------------

Macros in order for some other classes:
Paladin = Hammer of wrath, templars verdict, excorsism, judgement, crusader strike
Monk = Expel harm, chi wave, jab
monk button2 = risking sun kick, blackout kick
warrior = mortal strike, colossus smash, overpower
Enhance shaman = storm strike, lava lash, unleash elements, earth shock

This works for lots of classes if you have suggestions or want some suggestions post a comment.

Twitter = @NakoombaTV

My youtube channel:

My youtube playlist:

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