Not All Roleplay is Serious - Episode 7: N00B by Nixxiom
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Check out the rest of Not All Roleplay is Serious on my Youtube channel here:

Younger Roleplayers are always so brave and eager to make an impact within the world of Azeroth. They feel they are ready to face the great dangers the world has to throw at them, yet they are never prepared for what might one day come falling from the sky.

The video was made by me, Nixxiom, and rest assured that only one Tauren was harmed in the making of this episode of NARIS. Expect more NARIS as well as new videos from me in the near future! Looking forward to entertaining you guys with new content!


~Credit for the Nixxiom Theme music goes fully to my friend Tyler. You rock man!
~Credit for the game goes to Blizzard Entertainment.
~And I'd like to give a big thanks to all those who have re inspired me to video edit. I'm having a hell of a lot of fun!


Check out NARIS episode 6 here:
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