Oliaxz 3 - RPS Arena by Oliaxz
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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This is a short video of some of the games I did as RPS up to 2.2ish this season on Rampage US-Illidan. Rogue PoV. Clips taken from stream so quality isnt top.

***Watch it on my channel : Youtube.com/Oliaxlol
Youtube quality seems to be better (i think i forgot to upload it on here it should be around 400ish mb in size), but don't forget to choose 720p. Uploading movie to WCM atm maybe it wil get better.

A little bit about me...
I was a 2.9 rogue back in WotLK. I decided to quit late S7 and I've been playing a mage from time to time on private servers such as Arena-Tournament(up to 2.6kish). I've been streaming on those servers for some time now but i never felt interested in making a 3rd video with footage from such an old expansion. So ye I decided to give retail another shot after hearing about the new rogue buffs in 5.2. So I've been getting some good games recently and I thought it would be fun to download some clips from my stream and pull together this short pvp video. Keep in mind that this is the first season since S7 that Im playing rogue and since i dont know anyone anymore I've just been trying out people from trade chat. Don't get me wrong, the sham and spr that I play with in this vid are both really good, but the same cant be said for all the 2.2+ heroes that Ive played with this season. I feel like most rogue comps rely on really good cross CC(at least thats how i like to play them) and wizard cleave heroes tend to fail at doing this nowadays... Aaaaanyway, I hope you'll like my vid :D and check out my stream at twitch.tv/oliaxz


PS. You'll see me click/mouseover from time to time. That's because sometimes it just feels more natural/faster to click to switch target then to do my target/focus arena123 macros (hand positionning, direction I want to go, which ability i want to use). Its hard to explain... Also, when people are far away, ill almost always target with my macros, but when they're really close I tend to click/mouseover more, its like when theres a lot of action/pressure i get that brain/muscle memory that pushes me to aim and click as fast as possible like in a shooter/rts. So yeah i still have a lot to improve on but I think im getting there.

Songs :
Borealis - Helical Flutter
Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Jon Hopkins - Monsters Theme

Addons : Bartender4 // SexyMap // bNameplates (modified to not show debuff on top and couple of other things) // Masque w/ Onyx Redux skin (replaced on press texture w/ Interface/Cooldown/star4.png) // Shadowed Unitframes // sArena // CooldownToGo // LoseControl // Debuff Filter // Raven // Diminishing Returns // Combo Watch (modified to not update on target switch) // Nug Energy (modified to not show bar and update every +1 energy gain) // MikScrollingBattleText // Font : Doris PP and PEPSI
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