Broove 4: The Inquisition by Broove
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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~~~ Best quality on Youtube 720p // Non monetizing project ~~~

First of all, I am sorry for those who thought of footage from I still have 9 minutes completely finished laying on my harddisk, but I got bored from playing Ele Sham on AT in BGs. It's just not fun.
Anyways, I am still thinking of releasing my whole footage (BGs+Arenas).
Let me know in comments, if you would like to see that aswell.

Since there are quite to no serious Elemental Shaman movies from Mists of Pandaria yet, I leveled another Shaman, geared him and started to record the footage: Ele Shaman BG PvP (arena was dead for Ele Shams in MoP so far) recorded in Patch 5.1 and 5.2 mixed with a storyline and/or intented machinima making it more entertaining to watch.
Besides the two advertisements I included, the movie starts a bit slowly, but grows in speed and action overtime until it reaches its core content, hold for several minutes, followed by a slow fade away until the end. About 14 minutes might be too short for some viewers, but it�s the right length I have always enjoyed watching movies. Not too short, but not too long either taking time or repeating something.
I used Adobe After Effects CS 5.5, Sony Vegas 12, Cinema4D, Machinima Studios/Map/Viewer and Fraps/Bandicam to edit and record the footage. I�m sorry for not being able to render it in 1080p HD, but I still need a new computer who can handle it with a good amount of fps and stuff (which, hopefully, will be soon).

When I started watching movies on, Laintime, WoRoguecraft, Drakedog, Vurtne, Hydra, Akrios and less known (or forgotten nowadays) like Eulogie, Taco were the ones who created movies that fascinated thousands of viewers and who were later followed by authors like Agramon, Noone, Chrille, GarthD, Viscus, Unmercey or Tosan just to name a few of my favorites.
They were the reason I started creating movies and are the reason I created this video: They have had an idea, a concept or in more descriptive words: some well thought concerns about their footage they want to include in their movie.
Nowadays a lot of contributors upload clips, mostly footage thrown together with some use of Sony Vegas, but without putting some effort or the missing, like I call it, �soul� in it. Those movies are usually created to get subs on Youtube, their Stream or channel. This is not really bad, since it makes eSport broader and more representative in the society we live in, but it usually feeds the author in just releasing something (I instantly think of a few), without spending time to create something with content. It is not always consistent, but in my opinion there is a trend to it.
This obviously is something which came up over the last years and is not the definition of a �movie� I have and there are many reasons for it (which are mostly subjective), but I did not write this summary to name them.
It is just something I want the reader/viewer to sensitize for, so he can decide throughout his rating and comment in which direction our WCM-community (and the movies which come through it) moves.
This in mind, I started making my 4th full movie 3 � months ago and this is how it turned out.

Thanks to my best rl mate Aquinon/Afaryz for helping me with the Machinima, mastering this crap program would not have been possible without him, Ravenproductions for the most amazing AEE motion graphics, Hirnfrost, Flyn, Bilss, Homerjay, Uzbeki and Briefly.

You now might know what to expect from the movie and what not, but to quote Hector�s summary from 2006: "I don't get payed for this, so feel free to nuke my score!�

Enough spoken, now lean back and enjoy it!

- Broove

myGRAIN - Plastic
Soilwork - Nerve
The Sorrow - Where Is The Sun
Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane And The Magic

And for those who are interested in supporting me or the movie:

Download my WCM Intro here: Promo Page

P.S.: No, I don't stream or have a Broove related Facebook/Twitter. Haven't decided on it yet :)
Write me a PM here on WCM, if u want to get in contact for questions or regarding
I am using the Tmorph modelchange for Orc -> UD, which you can easily find on the ownedcore forum.


27th of July '13:
I stopped playing WoW as long as the current state holds on. Actively ranking up in League, add me on Broovex ingame.
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