Deadlyz: Rogue Sweethearts. by Natalie
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

Hello everyone :)

Sadly, this is probably my last movie.
For entertainment purposes and sentimental reasons.

Took me 7 months to finish it. I did my best, I honestly tried to.
I've put my soul into this movie, please don't hurt it.

I want to thank my husband (once again) and everyone who was helping me with editing and getting footage.

It was supposed to be a 'double rogue' movie but after all we decided it would be more focused on my character.
Yet it still features Eligis, a real Gentleman.

Eligis � the Rogue who told me I had to complete quests, who showed me how to keybind and adjust my UI.
We had fun and it was maybe one of the true reasons to log in.
Thank you. Keep my character safe.

I also want to say Thanks! to the following Addon Authors:

Acapela � Aloft
Elkano � Elkano's BuffBars
Grayhoof � Scrolling Combat Text
Mikma � OhSnap
Mikord � MikScrollingBattleText
Shadowed � Afflicted 3
Tuller � Omni CC
Wagthaa, Alea � MoveAnything

You made my game much easier.

Btw, I hope you will like my new UI.

The movie contains:
- Subtlety PvP, highlighted moments
- Duels and BGs

Sorry, no arena. I've no idea how to play it :)

Music Used:

Apocalyptica � I Don't Care
Within Temptation � Faster
Within Temptation � Sinead
Within Temptation � Stand My Ground
Breaking Benjamin � What Lies Beneath
Portal � Still Alive
The Cranberries � When We Were Young

I feel like these songs go well with my play style.

Programs Used:

Adobe After Effects CS6
WoW Model Viewer

Google Disk Mirror:

The full quality movie as it is on my PC, 1836x1080.
Check 'Other Mirrors > Google Disk > File > Download'

Tbh, I'd recommend you downloading it.

I hope you enjoy watching it... much as I did making it.

All the best.

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