Dawn of Damnation: Guild Patch 4.0 ''Winds of Pandaria'' Official Trailer. by Xariona
Class: Warrior | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Quel'dorei ( Emberstorm )
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Dawn of Damnation Guild Patch 4.0 ''Winds of Pandaria'' Offiial Trailer Credits. This is a video marking the epic conclusion of one of the oldes guild on our server and Cataclysm! With some Blizzard Footage and some of our own raiding and some WMV!

First and foremost I would like to thank every single guildies of mine to have stick by our side during our darkest moments and hours during Cataclysm. We fought for our pride and for our name and we did indeed rose above anyone expectation in this expansion.

Dawn of Damnation - Quel'Dorei - US Servers - Alliance.

Filmed by:

Edited by:

Voices by:
Adric, Xariona, Blizzard Entertainment

External Support:
Metaz, Belrex, Pheinix, Adric, Kristandra, Giles, Myrena, Atracious.

Pheinix, Xariona, Myrena, Adric, Malikh, Belrex, Giles, Dangit, Greatshovels, Thernie, Detrimental, Sakima/Kalishiva, Feiris, Kristandra, Atracious, Netarra, Stormrage, Firebruno, Eviar, Matronmalice, Varilhigh, Eria, Augenblick.

Track Listing:
Mind Heist - Hans Zimmer - Inception Soundtrack. All rights reserved.
Wandering Isle B - Russel Brower - Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks:

Sorry if some names have been forget in the credits up above. Thanks to Blizzard for such an awesome game and the experience trough Cataclysm. All World of Warcraft footage belong to their respective owner: Blizzard Entertainment.

And nonetheless, thanks to you to have contribute and watched the video.

Xariona, aka Madrigosa/Maddie!
http://dawnofdamnation.wowstead.com � Bringing you the best since 2007
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