Ret solo Twin Emperors AQ40 by Darthbaul
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Medivh ( Ruin )
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I dont record my kills of vanilla bosses, but this was an exception. As of today the only kill vid is of jider bugging the bosses on the ptr and engaging them with only one boss active. I initially had no interest in trying this solo since my attempt back in 4.06 but a solo thread on mmo-champ got me back to thinking what could i solo. Going into this fight I did not think it would be possible to kill the twin emps by myself. A few days earlier I had even posted that I thought they would still be impossible for ret pallies to solo. Boy was I wrong. My first attempt which was half assed I got them down to 50% at enrage. My thoughts were that if I could get them to 50% i could refine what im doing, boost my dps and get these guys down, and the result was a solo kill.
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