Gone with the RNG 3 by LOLiver
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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LOLiver's Arena Team 1
C�t Shinsh�n or smth lol Luqq
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First off I managed to delete my entire folder with 100gb saved footage from this season, yes, shift+delete, I slapped myself hard across the face but managed after couple of hours to get back around 25% of the footage, sadly there was alot of clips I wanted to show you that I couldnt add.

After this when I was about to upload the finished work a lightning hit my house and destroyed my entire computer, a friend helped me out and managed to get the finished work out, but, it wasnt the same, loads of errors and corrupt fragments, I gave up and im now uploading it anyway.

So please, do not watch this if you dont want

*To see a Extremly bad feral druid,
*Overedited pvp
*To see 73k crits
*Arena, TR or duels/world pvp.

OBS: The intense editing at the first 3 min is just for you to enjoy the animations and syncing, you will see some proper arena with voice further into the movie.

Support to spotlight if you think this movie deserves it, also let it load some time before u start watching it because its quite a big file.

*Setup Information*

The main reason I showed you the clips like where we tunnel the priest in RMP setups etc is because thats basically the only way we could win against a good rmp We tried several different tactics and imo we even outplayed them so much at some points and still lost, Mage trinketed my clones and got straight into another one as you can see in one of the clips. They totally raped our paladin while we were sitting in novas and other ccs meanwhile, paladin had no time to dispell us and if he did he died by getting massdispelled instantly on bubble.

At one time I cloned the mage and instantly casted clone on rogue, when that clone hit rogue the mage trinketed at the same time, I then cloned the mage again and when it hit the mage the rogue trinketed at the exact time as the clone was out, thats how easy it was to waste their trinkets, they still won.

And as I said, I lost 75% of all my footage.

The main reason of me using moonfire is to get rid of groundings ( making this comp a pain to play against any shaman teams ), sometimes grounding didnt show up as a buff and I cloned into it without seeing it was up, forcing me to moonfire even tho I was not sure it was up.

I dont use name plates because I havent found any good nameplate addon, they all get in the way and are just irritating, tried most of the nameplate addons.

The reason we was tunneling the druid is simple, if we leave him alone we will get clone and root spammed, the warlock can instant fear us and is imo harder to kill. With that said, WLD is a horrible setup.

I actually did never want to play this setup beacuse I find it bad and boring against most other setups, against most teams the only way we could win was to pop every cooldown we had and oneshot something. The "better" we tried to play, the worse it got for us.

Sorry I couldnt show you more good clips.

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