Seldomis 4 by Trigshady
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Test Server US (PvP)
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Trigshady's Arena Team 1
Xantimss Egokunt Leho
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This movie was recorded entirely on Arena-Tournament.
This is a TBC private server movie, if you are so close minded that
you're already deterred, then im glad you're not watching.

A special thank you to Trigshady for allowing me to use his WCM to upload this, similar
to when I uploaded Mir 1 using this account, it is VERY appreciated.

Size: 1.09G
Quality: 720-24p 4.6MBPs (turned out pretty damn good)

First of all I would like to acknowledge everyone with an IQ high enough to understand how important the
description is, thanks for taking the time to scroll down. If you're only here for the soundtrack then its at the bottom.

Now, for a less cynical description:

This is the result of four years of playing this game, meeting numerous significant people, and having many
laughs and lessons learned. If I had made this two months ago, I might have tried to justify some of the cheesy stuff in the movie, but right now I'm so happy with the product and MY message, that I don't care.

I play a shadowpriest in TBC. I like TBC better than Wrath and Cata because I have more fun on it, I never got a rhythym in playing Wotlk, and Cata just plain sucks at the moment.

You can expect to see what some may call overediting, but whenever the music drops on something clutch I can't help but smile. You can also expect a variety of compositions, and there is NO Shadowpriest SHS/Harp rogue in this movie, like I said, I've played an SP for just under four years, and the comps I tried with close friends in this video turned out to be a regular riot, I hope you'll agree.

There is close to an equal ratio of 3v3 and 2v2, probably 2-3 more games of 3s, I actually don't know the exact. Either way I tried to choose games that I liked, that were still entertaining (jk shadowpriest).

You can mock E-friends as much as you want, but most of the people I play with in this movie I've known
for years, and even though we've never really met, I do value them as highly as a friend that goes to school with me.

Speaking of school, I graduate June 25th, this part may mean nothing to you (spoiler alert..) but it's important to me: Through my highschool life alot of time was devoted to WoW, the first year or so was fun, lots of discovering and learning the ins and outs of the game, the next 3 were sombre, sadistic, and as expected, turned me into an egotistical asshat. Within the last probably 6 months I learned alot about myself, turning 18 probably helped.. what with the need to mature and plan for life after high-school.

On December 16th I joined the military, I've been training physically on my own time, 6 days a week (not boasting, just trying to preach an angle) and joining in with the part-time guys every tuesday and wednesday night. No courses begin until the summer. What does all of this mean? well, the life I've known for 12 years is coming to an end, and "real life" is about to start, this means I should probably cut the cord with seriously time consuming games. Don't get me wrong, I am NO pro-life guy, I love this game, it has given me a HELL of a lot of joy in the time playing it, but I'm 18.. I'm not mocking or ridiculing ANYBODY who plays this game at any age, all I want people to know is that from my angle, there is always more than a material oriented game.

If you've made it this far then I truly do thank you, though I don't know it.. you reading that means alot to me, and to every other person who has ever written a description.

Now for the factual stuff:
My teammates are:
Leho (Enhancement/Resto)
Narkos (Resto druid)
Purge (Resto druid)
Slimtim (Mage)
Eugene (UA Warlock)
Jun (Mutilate rogue)
Lunah (Destruction Warlock)

Soundtrack(in order):

[Intro] Future World Music - The Chosen Ones
[Leho vs SPr] Amelie Drum & Bass Remix - FREEAR (J'y suis Jamais alle)
[SP mage/SP mut] The Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Streetlab Remix)
[Leho Duels] Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Drum & Bass Remix)
[3v3] BT - Kimosabe
[Slim Duels] Toby Mac - Ignition
[funny vs RMP] Blue Stahli - The Perfect Heist
[Lunah Duels] Shiro Sagisu - Chokkaku
[vs Turtle mage] The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
[Outro] Johnny Cash - Hurt

Enjoy the game for what it's worth, take the rest outside.

Thank you very much for considering everything said in both this description and the movie itself, thank yous need not be said here, anyone who deserves one has been told already by me; other wise its in the video. I will not reply to any comments, as said in the description I am finaly done, I have nothing to justify. Thank you for watching.
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