Gone with the RNG 3 - Proper Preview by LOLiver
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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A preview of the upcomming Gone with the RNG 3, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

Mainly recorded on TR but also retail from my 3v3 with Luqq and Shinch´┐Żn as Kittycleave ( with a holy paladin ) in our goal for the gladiator titel. So far we almost hit 2700 with the setup.

You will also see some clips from my upcomming machinima
Elements 3.

Ive decieded to Splitt Elements and GWTRNG series, Elements will ONLY contain machinima and story telling while GWTRNG will contain mainly pvp with short machinima clips.

Both of them will tho contain alot of heavy editing and is made for pure entertainment, some parts of both the machinima and pvp movies might be overedited, but this is the way I make movies and I like them the way I make them.

GWTRNG 3 will be made in several episodes while TR is open, you will not allways see some skillfull playing since I dont know how to play all classes, but I want to try them all out and I want to try new things that you might not have seen yet, like speccing into silence as a arms warr.

What I will play is

*Mage ( wich I can play to some extend, both fire and frost but will try arcane aswell )

and ofc my main class and spec, Feral.

GWTRNG will contain more then just pvp and editing, it will also contain duels of other players, duels without UI, duels in a more cinematic way, heavy attempts to try to make people nerdrage on me. Wierd setups in 3v3. uncommon specs like prot warr surv hunters and arcane mages.

last but not least, 3v3 with skype and high team rating, fuck mmr, I will legit and precise tell you what our teamrating ended up on.

Hope you enjoy the preview.

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