Teed V by Teed
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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Teed V

Here is my fifth shaman pvp video. This time only arena matches with my moonkin bro - Tomash.
First three matches were recorded before 4.06, rest after. By the end of january ,me and Tom, took a break (to complete dozens of single player games :), and when we got back in march we were slightly pvp undergeared. Before 4.06 arena was fine, but as we arrived in 4.06, we met loads of dk's and lost about 40 matches in first weeks. Now we struggle for every arena point, to slowly overcome that dropdown. When you watch that video, you'll see the differance between matches before and after 4.06.
We play arena for points basically, in funky combo, so don't expect pro skill and high ratings. It has more entertaining purposes.

Video contains intro,outro and other cool stuff, so don't waste my effort, watch it all and rate what you like.

Please note that stoneclaw totem holographic image is not a part of any existing UI Addon, its a graphic made by me to visualize how long that defensive skill lasts.

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Teed V VFX - Breakdown

Recorded with Fraps edited on Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere only. File encoded to h264.mp4 codec.



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