Gone with the RNG 3 - Preview by LOLiver
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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Gone With The RNG 3 Preview

The final product will include mainly Feral druid at high rated 3v3 and affli lock at low rated pvp, first time as warlock ever. No lagg spikes as this preview has alot of ( sorry for that ) and alot more time put into the gameplay and editing/syncing.

For Pure Entertainment Purpose Only

For my other video's

Stream isnt working atm and theres nothing I can do about it at its current state since I havent got any response yet from the WCM support, its weekend aswell so dont think this stream will be working before monday.

I will for now add a link to youtube, be sure to put it on HD quality.

Youtube link

For my movie package Torrent with my 3 latest realeses in FULL HD Quality click here, will be seeding for weeks.

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