MC Raiders - Twilight's Hammer EU by MCRaidersTH
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MC Raiders is a recently formed lvl 60 guild only!
This is no '' We hate cataclysm so we stay at lvl 60 QQ guild etc.'' ... no..
We are just a lvl 1-60 guild where people who enjoy and/or maybe prefer the old world can join or if they just want to tryout the old stuff which they never had the chance to.

Many things have changed since vanilla, and will effect this. such as professions, Classes, glyphs ect.
To adapt to this, one of the main rules/terms is: what is obtainable / possible at lvl 60 is ok. Because that is the current state of lvl 60 ingame
Race difference doesn't mean anything anymore, that means Blood Elves and Goblins are allowed . BECAUSE the world / classes has/have been changed so much that it won't be the same/make a difference anyway..
BUT when it comes to Death knights we hold our stand. That means NO DEATH KNIGHTS.. It's not because we are stubborn( well kinda lol .. ), but because they were not a part of the game until Lich King..

So if you are interested or got some feedback leave a comment

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