Hunter solo full BWL by Chrell
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Soloing all bosses in BWL(8/8). It's just razorgore that's "hard" to solo rly so most of the movie is focused on this encounter. Wanted to show all the bosses getting killed though because i've never seen a movie with any1 doing that solo. Got the idea after watching some chinese mage soloing razorgore( so i gave it a try and figured out a way to solo him as well.

I usually clear the whole instance in 1 hour with all trash included and it gives like 1,2k gold(elementium ores not included) per run so it's pretty good money.

It's my first movie and my computer isn't that great but i hope it won't be too bad :)
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