Dramatic Exploration - Cataclysm by Catalyzt
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Movie Summary
A cinematic guide to some of the rare and unknown areas in Azeroth.

Sit back and enjoy the ride, as I show you my favorite rare places and secret areas throughout the World of Warcraft as it looks today.
Filmed and edited to be aesthetically pleasing and as interesting as possible.

Places featured:

Old Ironforge
Beggar's Haunt
Top of Karazhan
Quel'Thalas (behind the portal)
Stratholme uninstanced
Area behind UD starting zone
Ruins of Lordaeron
Inaccessible area in Grim Batol
Special Sheep behind SW
Behind the Bone Door in SW
WKM room in Orgrimmar
Strange Path in north Darkshore.

Entire soundtrack is from the TRON:Legacy movie (for consistency).

The video is filmed on live servers (patch 4.0.3a), and it not only shows the places themselves but also how to get to them.

Special thanks to all the people that initially discovered the ways to some of these places! Without you, this video wouldn't exist!
I did not discover all of these places myself. I merely made a video about my favorite ones :)

If you like exploration movies, I hope you will like this one too :)

EDIT: Anyone know of a nice file-host that allows files larger than 1Gb and isn't shit?
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