Intent - Heroic Atramedes 25H - Moonkin PoV and Commentary by Calculatéd
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Ysera ( Stormstrike )
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Heroic Atramedes 25 from Boomkin PoV with commentary on strategy.

This is the furth in the T11 heroic series from a Boomkin PoV with commentary. These vids are geared primarily at Boomkin and my commentary is very specific around things I'm doing as a Boomkin to optimize for the encounter . . . though I imagine other ranged dps may get some value as well on positioning and target strategy. I am definitely not covering tank / healer cooldowns and/or mechanics that don't directly affect ranged dps.

Other Heroic kill vids and Boomkin rotation strategy vids can be found at my WCM author page at:

Calc's Boomkin Guide can be found at TheMoonkinRepository:
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