Kayosiv vs Swifty by Kayosiv
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Coilfang ( Retaliation )
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OK, now that this has been out for a week, I'll go ahead and explain it, although I can't imagine many people will see this explanation.

No, this video is not serious, it is in fact the exact opposite. I didn't originally intend for it to be a troll video though, it evolved into that. I had the rated battleground vs Swifty, we won, that was all cool, I got some fraps, also cool. Some people in the BG group knew who Swifty was and we began to joke on Vent that it would be funny if I attempted to play off our victory as some sort of epic showdown because nothing from that could be farther from the truth. This landslided to me saying something like "Oh I'll make you an epic video, the most epic video you've ever SEEN!"

So I set off to take my few minutes of footage and attempt to create an epic showdown with over the top editing and music that still wouldn't actually fool anybody because there was a group of about 5 people that would find it funny. I assumed that nobody would really see the video, much like Tol Barad Brawl released a few days before, it was just a silly nothing video really only intended to be seen by a select group of people. Warcraftmovies has good streams and people were complaining about the file size so I uploaded it here.

Then, something I never expected happened. It got featured. I woke up the next morning and the movie already had 6,000 views and almost 100 comments. Out of those comments, almost EVERYONE was taking the movie seriously, which blew my mind a little. I showed all my rated BG friends and they thought it was hysterical and urged me to go with it, so I did. I made several posts on the official WoW forums pretending like the video was somehow legit, and people came to see it by the thousands.

So, I'm sorry if I made anybody angry, although that's kind of silly considering nobody forced them to watch 3 minute video, but it is and always was intended to be a joke. Everything in the video is systematically designed to make it be bad/ironic. There were a few people that saw that, many did not. Either way, I may have to leave a disclaimer next time I make a joke video. There doesn't seem to be too many people on Warcraftmovies with a sense of humor.
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