Elements 2 - 3v3 Feral pov with skype - DDP by LOLiver
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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*WARNING: Read this before watching*

This is a pvp/machinima movie, If you dont want to see the intro then jump to 2:30.

Skype is added to the movie aswell but for some reason my voice was never recorded so im sorry for that, you will only be able to hear my 2 partners voice.

If you like this video please support it, the only reason im playing WoW is to make movies, if this doesnt appeal to anyone im probably quiting and going full out on SC2. If people want to see more I will make more.

This is from a feral Pov, we where around 2400-2500 team rating but recently dropped quite heavy to MLD and MRD.

This is not a showcase of skill, rather for entertainment purpose, even tho ferals are over the top atm I hope you can see past this and judge this movie as a movie.

Ive played feral since the first time I tried it wich where around lvl 74 and allways loved its playstyle ever since. If you liked this video you might wanna check out my other feral videos from wotlk, just click my name on the sidebar. I have some rogue and mage movies aswell.


Download link for full HD Quality - http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6105906/Elements_2_Full_HD_720p

had to put it in a torrent since I cant find a homepage that allows me to upload more then 1gb.

Also note, that im not here to discuss the current state of arena or the upcomming patch. Dont write a novel of my playstyle, keep it constructive and dont troll please.

This movie is for entertainment and the "nerf druid" part is NOT to be taken seriously.
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