Kung Fu Pandaren! by Pixel
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Hey guys
This is my second video, and the first I can actually call a machinima.

I hope you will enjoy watching it as I had a blast making it :)

Made a wallpaper :) 1920x1080

Also thanks to Gary Hartmann for his tutorials, it's what got me into machinima in the first place.

Edit: I know the end scenes with the "Furious 5" are lacking a bit, thats's due to a lot of fraps crashes, vegas rendering errors and a lot of reboots, I apologize. :)

Also umm..I had PMs asking me about the voice acting? They're probably trolls but in case you're not, you better go and check out "Kung Fu Panda" the movie from 2008 :p

And finally thanks for all the support and feedback, I really didn't expect this to go past 2k views, I guess the year couldn't have ended better :)

2nd edit- Added megaupload dl mirror

Oh and the credit song
Twinsanity Stuff - Worm chase (Crash Twinsanity OST)

Also if you're interested in my next projects and/or machinima related stuff, check out the blog :)


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