The Azure Seal by kyriemage
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This movie is basically a load of short clips about my guildies doing random things. What i asked was "think of something you want to do and let me film it" resulting in this movie together with a few other things and some stuff that went wrong with filming in the end.

I made this movie for my guild just for fun, it gave us a laugh because we know eachother of course. But i want to know what people who dont know us at all think about it :)

Gathering all the clips and stuff took about two weeks XD there arent much special effects or so and the music isnt rock its more like fun music instead :D

Well i Hope you people enjoy this movie as much as my guild did :)

(the google video is lesser quality and you cant read the text and such, dunno why that is but if you have no problem with filefront id recomend getting thatone).
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