I have no friends cleave - Multiboxing 2400+ by Kruschpak
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Arthas ( Glutsturm )
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Kruschpak's Arena Team 1
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Hi everyone,

I'm proud to present my 2nd pvp video, this time with arena clips in it!

For those who don't know me, I have been multiboxing since season 3 and was ~2450 max rated in s8 with multiboxing 4 shamans, worlds highest quad box shaman team so far.

In this video I'm showing open pvp, arenas and bgs - the best clips from the beginning of s8 to 4.0.3, the arena teams I fought were 2000-2400 rated in Glutsturm-Emberstorm BG.

-Intro+defending horde cities against alliance raids
-Arena part 1
-Alterac and Isle of Conquest
-Arena part 2
-Alterac with multiple multiboxers
-Halaa open pvp + Outro

Programms used:
-Sony vegas 8.0 + NewBlue FX Plugins
-Fraps 3.0.3

Multiboxing tool:

-Jamba (Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant)
-Xperl Unit Frames
-Interrupt Bar

Music list:
Blue Stahli - Scrape
Celldweller - Frozen
Blue Stahli - The Pure and the Tainted
Blue Stahli - overKLOCKED
Cru5h3r - Echoplex
Blue Stahli - East
Doom 3 Theme



"Unlike the forms of botting, multi-boxing requires user input and does not automate any aspect of gameplay. Each time an action is performed it is controlled by a real player sitting at their computer controlling multiple accounts. "
-Aradek, Customer Service Member
-> http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=5288579356

Q&A - Answering questions from the comments

"Should be bannable serieusly. you are not controlling 4 characters at a time. You are controlling 1, and all others simple follow either throught 3th party software or other solutions. = unfair advantage."
A: All hardware is considered neutral as long as its commands and features are not being used to automate gameplay.
Is it sending an identical signal to all client windows or switching between them to send commands? Not automation. = Multiboxing
Is it playing the game for you, or rather, for one of your client windows? Automation. = Botting

Q:Do the other shamans follow you? like /follow If so.
A: Yes.

Q: What do you do if one from the pack gets knocked/feared/stunned and you run too far away
A: First of all, there are 3 tremor totems, a tick every second, so fear isnt really effective. Kockback usually knocks for 15-20 yards and /follow has a 30 yard range so thats also not really an issue. If a shaman is more than 30 yards away I have to pick him up :).

Q: What happens if they kill the one you are playing ?
A: I'm switching the leader, nothing hard about it, the macro looks like /assist [target=kruschpak,exists,nodead][target=kruschpaw,exists,nodead][target=kruschpav,exists,nodead][target=player] /cast [insert spellname] When Kruschpak dies kruschpaw takes command.

Q: How is he doing this? / I'm interested in multiboxing can you tell me where you got yours so i know that its a reliable one please?
A: www.dual-boxing.com

"multiboxing 4 shamans you disgust me."
A: Best comp for arenas so far, but I'm looking closer on Death Knights for Cataclysm

Q:Gearing and creating 4 gladiator characters? "the amount of time and effort to do that must be insane."
A: Gearing up in pvp with multiboxing is usually easier than playing solo.

Q: I thought you could have only 1 dk per server, how does that guy have 5?
A: You need an account for each character.

"It was interesting for about 5 minutes and entertaining for 10, but I lost interest and began skipping around only to see the entire video was more of the same"
A: Sure its smashing buttons all the time, dropping opponents within a few gcd's, but at least I got arenas, battlegrounds and open pvp in it, should be enough variety.

"Hard to see what you kill/how many when u play without nameplates, especially in massive world pvp and 5s."
A: For sure its annoying like the camera shaking, something I'm considering when frapsing for Kruschpak III.

"You're sometimes casting lava burst on non flameshock affected targets?!"
A: 4 lava burst, 4 chainlights (+overloads), 4 frost shocks, 30-40k damage within a second, pretty much enough for an overkill, flame shocking a target and nuking another one per focus macros is actually smart.

"0 interrupts (done to you, or by you)"
A: If you're controlling 4 shamans in 5v5 you dont have the time to watch on your wind shears, I have wind shear in a couple of macros, like Shaman A cats lightning bolt + wind shear focus target, Shaman B casts chainlight + wind shear focus target and so on ... Lhw on a shaman = windshear arena 1-4

and "This really tells a lot about your battlegroup and your "skills""
A: almostly hilariously false, I'm showing ~2,2k teams in this video, I've played on different battlegroups and there are plenty people backpaddling on 2,6k (especially LSD heroes :>)

"... and of course its eu 2400 glad"
A: I played each shaman in various 3v3 teams/comps higher than 2.6k -> glad

"It's like you got more money (accounts, hardware, etc. ...) you win."
A: Well, having four characters is an advantage for ME but not for the raid, I'm taking 4 raid slots that means 3 individual players less.
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