ACIDDAGGER 11- 4.0 Arms Warrior Insight/Trailer by Acidagger
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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ACIDDAGGER 11 - 4.0 Arms Warrior Insight/Trailer - Acidw of Mal'Ganis Horde
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Sup all and welcome to my first warrior video. Towards the end of last season i decided to level up a warrior with the intention of playing arms and geared it up rather quickly. With less than 10 days /played i had a t1 weapon and Deathbringers Will. I never achieved outstanding ratings on this warrior, as i am still using t1; and that is actually one of the points of this video. With the release of 4.0 the warrior class has been practically revamped from changes with the rage system to a massive change in the way they deal damage. With the significant nerf to ms, arms warriors are now more oriented on maintaining a healthy sequence of burst through the vitalization of globals in order to put out pressure rather then stacking healing debuffs. Kills on healers are landed through well timed stuns and interrupts along side a consistent flow of damage. Warriors are loads of fun now and although the game is obviously far from balanced in it's current state, i still find interest in learning more about the class as it adapts to the new changes of 4.0 in preparation for cataclysm.

Thanks for watching, and hope you all enjoy!

Track List:

1) Jay Z - Public Service Announcement
2) Gemini - Blue
3) Far East Movement - Like a G6
4) Kid Cudi - Up Up And Away

Program List:

World Of Warcraft
Sony Vegas 10.0 (trial)
K Lite Codec Pack
h264 Codec


Stuf Unit Frames - Unit Frame replacement mod.
Rico Mini Map - Map configuration.
Error Monster - Hides red error messages.
Dominos - Action bar replacement mod.
Quartz - Casting bar modification.
Gladius - Arena Frames
Diminishing Returns - Displays dr on gladius.

Rendered using Sony Vegas 10.0, encoded using h.264 codec
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