Muffins Presents Cataclysm Part 3 by Muffins!
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UPDATE 2 Soundtrack list:

Hans Zimmer: God Particle (Angels and Demons Soundtrack)
Two Steps From Hell: Rada
Nonstop Music: Web Hero
Two Steps From Hell: Clock Tower Parade
Two Steps From´╗┐ Hell: Black Blade
Immediate Music: Clash of TItans

*Note: Most of the songs were heavily edited

For those who missed it, here are the links to the first and second movie:

Muffins Presents Cataclysm Part 1: Kalimdor

Muffins Presents Cataclysm Part 2: Eastern Kingdoms

WARNING: The following movie contains footage from the Beta of Blizzard's next expansion: Cataclysm. If you do not like "spoilers", then do not watch this movie.

It's finally done, the third and hopefully final (depending if Blizzard releases any new content for testing in the next month and a half) installment in the Muffins Cataclysm series. This time I cover the two new zones of Uldum and Twilight Highlands along with their respectable new 5 man instances. This took a little longer than expected due to me being extremely picky with the music choices again. I think I wasted several weeks going back and forth between songs and ensuring a smooth transition between the songs. This is probably the absolute best exploration movie I've ever put together; the footage of the new zones and instances are some of the coolest looking too. With all the cut scene cinematics, I was able to introduce how you would first start off in Uldum in a story- like fashion. Along with all the Harrison Jones, Brann Bronzebeard and random cutscenes, it made editing a whole lot more fun and hope everyone enjoys what Blizzard has done to spice up the quest lines in Cataclysm.

Zones in order:

Vortex Pinnacle
Halls of Origination
Twilight Highlands
Grim Batol
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