Sindragosa 25 Heroic by Scholars of Light by Vlammenzee
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Bronzebeard ( Reckoning )
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Icecrown Citadel : Sindragosa 25 heroic from a mage point of view.

Songtrack : Pendulum - Plasticworld.

Its a good fight.requires high raid awareness of every can resolve in a very quick whipe if people dont knw exactly what to do.

Myself im using poweraura to be sure i never cast with the debuff.

Not the first time we've done this boss.done several frapsing before of it but wasnt as clean as this yh here it is.

The 2 biggest killers on this fight are.

1). Unchained Magic - Causing any spells cast to result in a backlash of Arcane power after 5 sec.
2). Instability - A magic debuff afflicted by Unchained Magic will build up unstable energy,dealing 2,000 Arcane damage to the caster and raid per spell cast,stacking to 99.

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