Nothing Lasts Forever - Teaser by Mozq
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Hello everyone, this is the teaser for my new project that I am working on called "Nothing Lasts Forever(NLF)" Feel free to follow it on my blog.


When will the full version be out?:
I'm not quite sure, since I'm only using photos of places I find on the net as backgrounds it's very difficult to find the right ones that fit a scene and even without that problem the project itself is very time consuming. I really want it to stand out when it comes to looks.

What is the song playing?:
Pendulum feat Inflames - Self vs Self

How is that website coming along?:
Can't say, it will be out as soon as possible.

What programs did you use?:
Adobe After Effects CS 3.0
Sony Video Vegas 8.0

I hope you all enjoy the teaser and feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Thanks for watching!
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