Icecrown Citadel - Episode 1 by Ensidia
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- Muqq's Icecrown Citadel - Episode 1 -

Well, here it is. After hours upon hours of frapsing, editing and tinkering I've finally arrived at a point where I thought it was good enough for release.

It includes footage from the first part of Icecrown Citadel, featuring Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, the gunship battle and Deathbringer Saurfang, all seen from a shadowpriest's point of view. I won't go into details about the movie that much, but just as in my previous movies, it includes alot of cinematic scenes and some added video effects. Most of the tracks in the movie are trance (atleast during the bossfights), so if you don't like it, mute the sound and play whatever you want! I've added a lot more RP and lore this time around, so hopefully people can and will see some of the story that Icecrown has to offer.

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Drop by our forums or my blog at our if you have any comments, suggestions or questions! The filesize on this behemoth is quite huge (1600 mb for HQ, 750MB for MQ), so downloading this movie might take some time for some of you, but it's well worth the wait! Try avoiding watching it with any streams as the whole point of the movie is to experience it in HD! If you still don't want to download it due to the huge size, watch the 720p youtube stream, it has a much better quality than the WCM stream. I will not send you any tracks/songs from the movie, and any questions regarding my UI can be asked at my blog. As for any upcoming episodes, I've yet to decide if I'll make them or not, for various reasons. If you liked this movie, feel free to subscribe to my blog, with enough subscribers I might be convinced into making sequels.


1. Immediate Music - An Epic Age
2. ME 2 OST - Suicide Mission
3. ME 2 OST - The End Run
4. Immediate Music - Empyrean Mercenaries
5. Alphazone - Flash
6. Legend - No Escape
7. Motorcycle - As the rush comes (Gabriel and Dresden Sweeping strings mix)
8. Legend - Call to arms
9. DJ Kim - Jetlag (Alphazone remix)
10. Legend King's Legion
11 Armin Van Buuren vs Rank 1 feat. Kus - This world is watching me (radio edit)
12. Legend - Infinity

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