Farming 1000+ gold an hour as a rogue. by Jammku
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The legendary video you've all been waiting for.
I managed to cram it all into a single video, so it goes kind of quick!

This video showcases how to farm 1000+ gold an hour as a rogue with engineering. Without tailoring and enchanting on an alt or a friend, it bumps it down to about 800 or so gold. This method takes some skill to pull off, so practice practice practice!

The awesome part is, is that it doesn't rely 100% on the auction house. You make far more gold off silver / greys from this method than you do doing dailies, in far less time and hassle as well.

Expect this to be nerfed. Blizzard has nerfed every game mechanic I've ever abused ever since the old days of Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3.

I have a lot more to show you, so please subscribe and I'll keep the videos coming. I apologize for the long wait to get this out, but I've been quite busy. I hope you all get rich. :D
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