Tehseus - 2850 Ret/Shaman #1 World by Tehseus
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aegwynn ( Blutdurst )
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Hey Everybody!

Before you watch pls notice that there are 5 TOTAL retpaladins in the top 100 2v2 ladder, yeah thats right, 5 TOTAL, so pls spare me with "Ret's op", thank you! Here is the link to the ladder: http://www.arenajunkies.com/rankings/2v2/

It�s been a while since my last arena movie, but I got so much request to make a 2v2 movie, I just had to!

What you can except from this movie:

� #1 Ret/Shaman with a 2850 mmr (Team is currently 2730 rated)

� A little Ret Guide at the beginning of the movie (Tho to massive request)

� Games against some well known PvP Players, for example Alca (Deadly Gladiator Cyclone Frostmage), N��nia (Furious Gladiator Cyclone DK), N�ne (Furious Gladiator Bloodthurst Warrior), etc�

� Some NEW retri burst (SoV stacking+Badgerelict+Hero+Wings+Totems+Berserkerproc+Trinket=Fun)

� Witness how op Bladestorm is :D

� Gaar� ! (My fantastic shaman mate, no one has his mana efficiency)

One thing I also really wanted to add is that the games I frapsed here where basicly all frapsed in one session, its not a selection from our best ones, its just our standard gameplay.
I basically just used every game I frapsed in the movie (Didn�t fraps much latly because my shitty PC cant handle fraps anymore sometimes).

Well I hope you will enjoy it, I sure did playing and editing! I am happy for every feedback!

Oh yeah, big thanks to gedan for his great work on WCM!

Best regards

PS: You are welcome to reward me a skill pint if you think I deserve it!
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