Canceled project intro and more(sfx and VA missing!) by Surgee
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-Please read before watching-

-Keep in mind this preview is not complete,it is short part of full lenght (hour or so) movie, got no narration nor SFX, therefore it might seem a little boring, its more a show of visual effects than actual movie-

Hello everyone!

What you are about to see here is intro to my canceled Christmas project. It (no name yet) was supposed to be a full lenght comedy/adventure movie (around an hour or longer) with professional voice acting, exclusively composed music (not present in this preview) and more.People included in intro credits do not exist, I've just put random names there to see how it will look=). In addition I've rendered a small part of other project that I've been working on. A drama that would hopefully be a pretty big step forward from The Demise, with it's improved visuals (eventho I got worse PC now heh, got burnt 2 times from overheating while making it, had to change parts)narration, bit of voice acting and storyline with some suprises. In the footage shown there is a little girl but she is just a 2nd plan character, it's not a story about her. I'm telling you this so you won't think its another "The Demise" =P . While watching it please keep in mind that these are just tiny and incomplete alpha previews of big projects, therefore you won't understand what is going on. Oh yea, sorry for the crappy quality, PC didn't handle more.
-Pics from 3D locations I designed for the Christmas Project. Had to do it in 3D because I wanted to have a dynamic camera there-

The reason I'm showing you these bits is that recently I had a very rough time in my private life (usual stuff, job crysis, rent not paid another month =P) and it doesn't seem to be getting any better anytime soon. Because of this, I have no idea if I will ever be able to finish them so I've decided to upload what I've done so far while I still got the chance. This short clip is for all of you who encouraged me to make more movies, by leaving great comments, writing emails to me or just watching my machinima animations. What you just saw/will see in this preview is thanks to you =) . Also, special thanks to everyone who donated their old PC parts and few bucks for me, after screening of The Demise few months ago in Second Life, and to Ricky Grove who arranged everything and sent it to me via mail =). Sorry that I couldn't do more. I have promised once, that my every next movie will be a big improvement over the last one and I hope that this clip prooves that I'm a man of my word(eventho all you can compare there is visuals,because it got no SFX yet,voice acting and it's just short part of full movie cut out from the middle).
I know I've dissapointed many people and I'm sorry about that, I love to make animations and I was doing all I could to finish this. Your help really matters so if you like my videos and would like me to finish them, do more and better ones, share links to my vids to your friends or in your blogs. Maybe it will help me to get noticed by someone who can offer me a normal job, so I can continue what I love to do (location doesn't matter). Thanks for the support everyone =)

All the best,

Daniel, aka Surgee

PS: By popular demand, after finishing these, I had "Unofficial Patch Trailer 2"(generic title for now) in plans, got some more crazy ideas, hehe. Another time I guess =)

Music used:

Home Alone (John Hughes) OST:
John Williams - Making The Plane

Big Fish (Columbia Pictures) OST:
Danny Elfman - The Growing Montage
Danny Elfman - Sandras Theme
Danny Elfman - Jennys Theme

V for Vendetta (Warner Bros.) OST:
Dario Marianelli - Valerie

WALL-E (Pixar Animation Studios) OST:
Thomas Newman - Worry Wait

All music tracks used in this video are the property of their respective owners. All credits goes to them.

Technical stuff:
I've used same technique here as in The Demise, so it's basicly tons of pictures that I've drawn in photoshop (using a mouse =O) , exported to Sony Vegas and animated there. I also learned some 3d modelling to create few objects that I needed for the movie (such as the sleigh or rabbit). These are my first models ever so they ain't that great. I also tried to not add too much detail to them to fit wow's dated graphics.
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